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Hudson Cook to Form New Group to Address Growing Scrutiny of Debt Collection

HANOVER, Md. — Hudson Cook has added two nationally-recognized collections attorneys as partners to its existing collections practice. Gary Becker and Barbara Sinsley will join current Hudson Cook attorneys in creating a new practice group to focus on lender oversight and regulatory compliance for third-party debt collectors, debt buyers, collections law firms, and creditors collecting their own debts. 

Becker has worked in the collections industry for nearly 30 years.  He is the former CEO, Chairman and General Counsel of national collection agency DCM Services; a founding partner of Balogh Becker, one of the nation’s largest collection law firms; and a founding board member of the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys.

Sinsley is considered one of the nation’s leading attorneys in the area of debt sales and consumer collections regulatory preparedness and compliance, with over 24 years of experience. She previously served as General Counsel of DBA International (formerly the Debt Buyers Association). Over the course of her career, both as an outside attorney and in-house counsel, Sinsley has assisted dozens of large and small collections businesses in coming into compliance with state and federal  laws, and has represented numerous industry members before the CFPB, Federal Trade Commission, state attorneys general, and in the courts.

Becker and Sinsley will be joining several current Hudson Cook attorneys, includingJoel Winston (former head of the FTC’s debt collection enforcement program), Chuck Dodge, Ron Gorsline, Eric Johnson, Blake Sims, and Tom Buiteweg, in a group that focuses on compliance as it relates specifically to the regulated aspects of lenders’ collection and recovery; creditor supervision of third-party debt collection by agencies and law firms; and the sale of consumer debt.

“Gary and Barb bring to the table a wealth of experience and knowledge, allowing us to increase the breadth and depth of our collections and debt buying practice,” said Tom Hudson, chairman of Hudson Cook. “They will develop and offer broad-based solutions, including compliance audits, for businesses trying to ‘stay ahead of the curve’ as the government increases its enforcement and regulatory efforts in this area.  

“By leveraging new technologies, we can provide these services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible,” he added. “In addition to counseling businesses on the specific concerns they face, we believe we best serve our clients by helping them be prepared in advance, if and when the regulators come calling.  We are very pleased to welcome Gary and Barb to the firm.”


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