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AFIP Adopts Professional Designations

COLLEYVILLE, Texas — The Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals (AFIP) announced the adoption of professional designations to recognize individuals who have earned AFIP certification.

“By any measure, the standards for AFIP certification meet those of a profession,” said David Robertson, the association’s executive director. “These accomplished professionals deserve a designation that recognizes their level of expertise and achievement in their chosen field.”

The designations reflect the association’s three-tiered continuing education curriculum. The titles of Certified Professional in Financial Services (CPFS), Senior Certified Professional in Financial Services (SPFS) and Master Certified Professional in Financial Services (MPFS) will be bestowed on individuals achieving basic, senior and master certification, respectively.

Since its inception in 1989, AFIP referred to certified individuals as “AFIP Certified F&I Professionals.” The nonprofit association began gathering feedback from constituents over a year ago to vet two sets of proposed official professional designations. The appropriate acronyms will be added to diplomas on a go-forward basis and AFIP certified individuals may use them on their business cards.

For more information about AFIP and its certification program, visit afip.com.


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