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DealerEFX Releases ‘Mobile-Ready’ Email Template

PORTLAND, Ore. — DealerEFX release this week its “mobile-ready” email templates for its dealer clients. This new capability addresses the increasingly critical need for mobile email presentations that engage prospects on their mobile devices.

"Dealerships are sophisticated consumers of practical technology and services. They want higher sales efficiency at a lower cost,” said James Lawrence, CEO at DealerEFX. “The vast majority of dealerships are getting by with email template editors in CRMs that are not outputting mobile compatible presentations, that are hard to use and make email template maintenance difficult and costly. This leads to poor store branding and vehicle merchandising, and, in many cases, non-compliance with OEM corporate identity and promotional requirements.”

The DealerEFX Email Template Managed Service works with any dealer CRM system. The company’s  year, make, and model-specific email presentations enable salespeople to simply and easily make a good first impression on Internet prospects, according to the company, promoting higher response rates, reinforcing dealer brands, complying with OEM requirements and driving traffic back to active, sales-driven dealerships.

“Salespeople spend too much time responding to incoming inquiries with generic text-based email responses that are unengaging to today's tech-savvy vehicle buyer,” Lawrence added. “As online vehicle research has gone up, average lot visits have come down. Dealerships are getting fewer chances to impress the prospect enough to visit their lot. DealerEFX mobile-ready email templates help make that positive first impression and enhance sales opportunities into the mobile frontier.”



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