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FTC Approves Final Order Settling Charges that VieVu’s Former Parent Company Safariland Entered into Anticompetitive Agreements with Body-Worn Camera Systems Seller Axon

Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a final order settling charges that Safariland, LLC, which manufactures and sells equipment for the law-enforcement, military, and recreational markets, entered several anticompetitive agreements with body-worn camera system seller Axon.

Safariland entered into these agreements when Axon acquired Safariland’s VieVu body-worn camera systems division, the complaint alleged. According to the administrative complaint, the anticompetitive agreements barred Safariland from competing with Axon on all of Axon’s products, limited solicitation of customers and employees by either company, and stifled potential innovation or expansion by Safariland.

First announced in April 2020, the settlement is part of a larger case challenging Axon’s consummated acquisition of former competitor VieVu. Since the Commission’s complaint was issued on Jan. 3, 2020, Safariland and Axon have rescinded the non-compete and non-solicitation provisions that the complaint alleged were anticompetitive. The final order, which settles all charges against Safariland, ensures that Axon and Safariland do not enter into new agreements with similar anticompetitive provisions. Litigation against Axon continues.

The Commission vote to approve the final order was 4-0-1, with Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter not participating.

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